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Vintage 1073 Mic Pre

No other mic preamp is as legendary as the 1073. This Class A device is revered for its round and musical coloring. This is the guitar sound for so many legendary records. Typically you see the 1073 in the signal chain mic’ing a guitar amp, but music professionals know it is a fantastic way to capture instruments directly. Bass, Keyboards, Guitars - they all sound wonderful when plugged directly into a 1073. A single channel of a vintage 1073 can easily set you back $5,000, but now Kemper users have access to the same jaw-dropping tone of top studios around the world.



Profile Overview

3 Profiles

The 1073 has such an immediate sound that there’s no need to make things complicated. You get three icon profiles in this pack. Each one captures a unique part of the personality in a 1073.


The classic tone of a vintage 1073. Plug and play.

1073 Spank

Nothing sounds like a 1073 when pushed to the limit. The musical overdrive produced here will make you smile.

1073 With EQ

We offer this option with the EQ section engaged and just a bit of that magical 12k shelf added to the top end.


Coming in 2019


Microphone Preamp



From the Artist

"As an engineer and producer, I’m always looking for unique pieces of gear to get me inspired. While many of my profiles are a bit outside the norm, this baby is tried and true. I designed the 1073 Kemper pack to help the professional engineers skip the technical distractions and get straight to making music. Have fun and go make some music!”

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Good to Know

  • You won't find endless customizations within our Kemper profiles. Our profiles contain the culled down options the artist uses in-studio and on-stage. You’re getting a profile of the actual amp you’ve heard on your favorite records and tours.
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