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That's So James Duke PodGo

There is only one James Duke, and after many requests we took everything we could from his Helix Floor Preset and put into a PodGo preset.

The "That's So James Duke" PodGo Preset embodies his amp choices and his tonal approach.

This preset works only for PodGo.



Profile Overview

1 Preset • 1 Amp • Custom FX Buildout • 2 Custom IR's

This preset is fully functional for any PodGo Stomp user.

Two Presets are included.

One with "stock" IR's and one with an IR block ready to load custom IR's

Two IR's are included with this download.

They were made with a TUL microphone in combination with the amp James has used on countless records: His Matchless Chieftain.

Note: using custom IR's is a manual process. Users must import the IR's included in this download into the IR section on your PodGo product by using the PodGo Edit software.


  • Compressor
  • Overdrive
  • Analog Delay
  • Modulated Reverb


  • Matchstick


TUL dynamic

TUL dynamic bright switch "on"

No items found.

From the Artist

These sounds represent years of developing my approach to tone. The effects we have created for this Signature Series are some of my favorite go-to sounds that I’ve used on some of my favorite albums.

Because I've spent so long with my guitars and my amps developing my sound and style, I'm a bit romantic about it and I tend to resist new technology. But, when I got into the PodGo system I was really amazed at how accurate the sounds could be. We even spent some extra time to create a custom Modulated Reverb FX loop that I think you'll love.

We all play and sound unique, with different guitars and styles. So dig in and turn some knobs. I think you will be happy with what you hear.

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Good to Know

  • You won't find endless customizations within our Kemper profiles. Our profiles contain the culled down options the artist uses in-studio and on-stage. You’re getting a profile of the actual amp you’ve heard on your favorite records and tours.
  • Buyers will receive exclusive access to future Tone Thieves content and events, such as artist interviews and other such wonders.
  • Buyers will also receive exclusive discounts to future products from this artist.
  • This is a non-refundable purchase of digital assets.
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