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Each Kemper Profile is crafted by working with the artist in-studio to ensure we capture their sound and their methodology.

Pawn Shop Finds

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5 Amps • 22 Profiles

Find instant inspiration in this collection of one-of-a-kind finds from years of searching thrift stores and pawn shops for tones unlike any other. The devices we profiled for this collection will suit your everyday needs as well as stand out when you need a unique sonic signature.

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Vintage 1073 Mic Pre

Not Amps

3 Profiles

No other mic preamp is as legendary as the 1073. This Class A device is revered for its round and musical coloring. This is the guitar sound for so many legendary records. Typically you see the 1073 in the signal chain mic’ing a guitar amp, but music professionals know it is a fantastic way to capture instruments directly. Bass, Keyboards, Guitars - they all sound wonderful when plugged directly into a 1073. A single channel of a vintage 1073 can easily set you back $5,000, but now Kemper users have access to the same jaw-dropping tone of top studios around the world.

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That's So James Duke

Signature Series

1 Amp Profile • 8 Effects

When he picks up a guitar, you know that what’s coming will be inspired. His tone is as delicate as it is furious. You probably already listen to at least one of the artists that he’s shared the stage and studio with: All The Bright Lights, Johnnyswim, Jesus Culture, John Mark McMillan, Matt Redman, the list goes on. There is only one James Duke, and the "That's So James Duke" Signature Series profile embodies his amp choices and his tonal approach.

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