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FAQs & Policies

Return & Exchange Policy

Because this is a digital product, we don't accept returns. We will, however, work with you to make sure we fix any problems we can control. Things like global warming and movie sequels are, unfortunately, not something we can control. But, if we break something, we'll fix it. If you break something, we'll still do our best to help. Email us at

How does this ordering process work?

Simple. Once you buy an item, you will receive a link to download your files on the confirmation page. You'll also receive an email with download links. Note: the download limits to one-per purchase, so if your computer blows up just email us and we'll send another your way.

Why Tone Thieves?

We love analog. We love vintage. We love boutique. However, because the Kemper Profiling Amp is a pretty fantastic piece of technology with a pretty steep learning curve - and a not so sexy interface - we decided to bridge the gap between technology and creativity.

Who is Tone Thieves for?

We build profiles for professionals like us who are tired of overly-complicated Kemper setups. Our profiles are designed to be a plug and play foundation for your in-studio and on-stage music making. Of course, we think guitar enthusiasts will love these too.

I get like, 400 more profiles when I buy a pack from that other company, what's up with that?

From concept to creation we spend days working with our artists to deliver a product that sounds amazing. A product that the artist uses themselves and that you can regularly reach for in-sessions and on-stage. We think that's pretty special. Also, the intangibles (Although, a Kemper profile is, technically, intangible...but who's counting): When you become a customer of Tone Thieves you will have access to future updates of that product, as well as video content and exclusive events with that artist.

How do you make your profiles? What mic did you use? What preamp?

Sorry, that's top secret. Actually, it's not - but it changes for every profile. We spend a lot of time trying different combinations of amps, microphones, preamps, eq's, and even compressors. Then we pick the single best result that gets us the most excited and inspired to make music. Check out each profile for specs.

Do you have other profiles coming?

Oh yeah. We have been working on a lot of cool profiles with some pretty badass musicians. Get connected with us on social media, and our email list, and we will let you know when new profiles are coming out.